Concierge vs. Luxury Medical Detox and Addiction Treatment

With so many luxury drug rehabs and medical detox centers in Southern California, what sets a concierge treatment option apart from all of the typical luxury ones?

Luxury drug rehab treatment vs. concierge recovery and detox servicesPlaces like Los Angeles and Southern California are definitely no strangers to the concepts of luxury drug rehabs and other such high-end addiction treatment and medical detox centers.  In fact, over the course of an average day, whether in Southern California or even elsewhere around the nationwide, you may see any number of television commercials advertising various high-end drug rehab services including such components as executive treatment, holistic or non 12-Step approaches, luxury recovery or anything of the sort.

When comparing the specifics of luxury drug and alcohol treatment to that of concierge level recovery services, the main thing to consider is that in the case of concierge treatment, the services are essentially able to come to you, regardless of location and scheduling restrictions.  For instance, a CEO level executive based in Manhattan, NY would not be required to fly to Los Angeles, CA in order to receive medical detox or even subsequent treatment services.  Moreover, any and all ancillary support services would also fall under the concierge umbrella as well, such as nursing or clinical support teams, detox and/or psychiatric medications, supportive holistic services such as massage or yoga, and so forth.

A primary concern among licensed and experienced addiction treatment professionals has to do with the potential for luxury drug treatment centers to, at times, provide unbalanced care whereas the comfort component can be over emphasized, thereby falling short in the clinical care department.  This potential is of course deflated when dealing with private, concierge-type recovery service providers.

In the case of REACH Wellness Recovery, there is also the element of added medical & clinical care services that are rarely seen within the traditional inpatient drug rehab environment.  For instance, REACH Wellness is able to treat the patient for any co-occurring medical issues at the same time as with their chemical dependency matters.  Common examples to this would be such things as, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, pain management and many other conditions.

At the end of the day, it is critically important that the patient be aware of the limitations often seen within traditional high-end treatment centers.  This isn’t to say that such facilities are a bad choice when in need of addiction or alcoholism treatment, but you definitely want to conduct ample due diligence prior to deciding on where to go!

Though REACH Wellness Recovery is based out of Los Angeles, California, Dr. Nassiri and his team provide concierge recovery & medical services nationwide.  The array of available services includes: Concierge & Private Medical Detox and Treatment for Addiction, Concierge & Private Medical Care Services, Outpatient (IOP) Substance Abuse Treatment and Eating Disorder Treatment in Southern California, Adolescent & Teen Treatment in Los Angeles and Chronic Pain Management Services.

For more information on REACH Wellness Recovery, please call (888) 615-4315 (24/7) or use the confidential contact form at the bottom of this page…

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