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Corporate Program

Executives Program Corporations & Institutions

Whether you are a Corporation, Academic Institution, Hospital or other major entity in need of Mental Health Crisis Management for your executives and staff, REACH is the ideal partner for you.

We help alleviate a range of different medical/mental health issues, ranging from crisis management to addressing “Meltdowns,” anger management issues, to Substance and Alcohol Use Disorders for executives, physicians, professors or other leadership staff of your institution. Ensuring that both your staff get the care they need expeditiously and confidentially, and your institution maintains its talent and reputation.

We also provide 5-day in-Residence Intensive Interpersonal Training for the workplace to enhance professional conduct and productivity, utilizing our sophisticated industrial psychology and organization sociology techniques and interactive program; helping your organization resolve issues with the complex and difficult employee.

Our team at REACH can provide your institution with the most comprehensive scope of services in the most confidential and concierge fashion:

  • Intensive 5-day Training and Seminars enhancing Interpersonal behavior for the Difficult Professional.
  • Intervention services (plan and implement intervention to help guide the individual to proper care and stabilize a high risk situation, as related to drug or alcohol use or mental health deterioration)
  • Executive and Life Coaching
  • Clinical Assessments and Return to Work Evaluations
  • Private/Confidential Concierge Detox (Outpatient or Inpatient)
  • Private/Confidential Rehab/Recovery Services
  • Sober Companions
  • Ongoing private one-on-one outpatient treatment
  • Psychiatric and Relapse Prevention Medication Management
  • Continuous Urine Toxicology services and Reporting
  • Fitness for Duty Evaluations
  • Well Being Program Development and Maintenance for your institution
  • Consulting services to enhance workplace monitoring and recovery services
  • Support Group for Executives/Professionals
  • Anger Management Training
  • Stress Reduction Training
  • Public Relations Consulting relating to Health Related Issues


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Our REACH Philosophy as discussed by Dr. Nassiri

Dr. Nassiri has appeared on national television as an expert on subjects relating to behavioral health, and many of the treatment modalities that REACH also offers have been written about or covered in major media outlets and publications: