Concierge Detox and Addiction Treatment

Private executive drug addiction treatment and medical detox servicesThe journey to recovery is unique for every individual and it is not easy; and we are touched by the evolution toward sobriety with each individual client. That is why we promise to always walk in parallel with you on your journey, as we guide you through the healing process.

Our philosophy at REACH Wellness & Recovery clearly defines who we are and what we do best. We recognize that every individual has an inherent value to themselves, their loved ones and to society; such is lost with addiction and alcoholism. It is with this notion in mind that we will always treat our patients with integrity and respect, as we give them the tools necessary to reclaim their lives and regain their innate value. Although we provide individually-tailored, private, one-on-one medical detox and addiction treatment, our services are collaborative, integrative and multidisciplinary in their approach. We believe intensive clinical therapy and medical care should be provided in a holistic fashion.

While we ensue abstinence and encourage and appreciate the12-step process, we place great emphasis on traditional medicine, psycho-social progress, spirituality, holistic approaches and fitness & physical health, as well as professional and interpersonal growth. Our program is not exclusively 12 step as we understand each person is unique and we tailor a program that caters to each individual’s distinct needs. In utilizing this broad approach within the addiction treatment process, the REACH program aspires to exceed the standards which so many have become accustomed to while in and out of the traditional residential drug rehab environment.

We provide private In-Home Medical Detox with 24 hour nursing under the full medical attention and direction of a Board Certified Addiction Medicine Physician.  We can also provide a secure private residence for those who need an alternative location for detox and treatment.

  • Completely Private (no other patients, in a private setting)
  • Medically Managed
  • Various Levels of Nursing Available, all One-on-One
  • Pharamacogenetic Testing and Urine Drug Toxicology
  • Ancillary services including, psychotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, life coaching and a variety of other services can also be offered during the detox period if the patient requires

A New Barometer for Private Treatment in Los Angeles & Southern California

Those whom most commonly utilize the addiction treatment services of REACH, typically maintain an executive lifestyle or are in the public eye. For this kind of clientele, our focus on private and concierge level services ensures them and their families, that they will only receive the very best in medical, clinical and ancillary care, while having all care tailored around their scheduling needs and privacy restrictions.

Our availability of substance abuse & addiction recovery services includes:

  • Medical Detoxification (with one-on-one 24 hour nursing; in home or private location) for All drugs and alcohol, utilizing medications specified for each distinct form of detox; (including Suboxone® therapy when appropriate and necessary)
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) – Tailored around the patient’s schedule
  • Adult and Adolescent Treatment – For teenagers who need help as well
  • Medication Management and Optimization
  • Chronic Pain with Addiction, detox and treatment — We work with Worker’s Comp (on a case by case basis)
  • Pharmaco-genetic testing and Urine Toxicology screens
  • Residential Compulsive/Binge Eating Program (opening early 2016)
  • Outpatient Compulsive/Binge Eating program – Active currently

For more information on REACH clinical services please visit our services page or you may contact us 7 days a week at (888) 615-4315 or use our convenient & confidential email form at the bottom of this website.


Concierge drug addiction treatment and detox in Los Angeles California

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