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Get back to living...REACH

Concierge medical Detox and Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles CA

Get back to living...REACH

Concierge Medical Detox for Drugs & Alcohol

Setting the bar for concierge health care, REACH provides  addiction & alcohol detox unlike any other program.  We completely redefine the concept of high-end, private care throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.  While we provide a full range of medical services, our Drug and Alcohol Detox program is considered the premiere concierge medical detox for those seeking private, confidential high quality one-on-one care.

Renowned Private Treatment and Detox Services

For those seeking individually tailored, one-on-one treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, our team of highly trained clinicians provide a completely confidential and private alternative to the costly and ineffective traditional residential rehabs/group homes that neglect the individual and fail to provide the one-one-one care and attention that is paramount in the recovery process. Simply, the best tailored care for the individual.

Pioneering Clinical Team Designed for You

The highly educated and experienced clinicians at REACH set a standard in the field of both treatment and concierge medical care that surpasses that of any other institution.  Our unparalleled reputation in rendering top tier care has won the acclaim of both the rehab community and the concierge medicine industry, both in Southern California and nationwide.  VIP patients seek our services when they want the very best for themselves and their loved ones.

When Addiction Treatment REACHES New Heights…

Dr. Alix Nassiri of REACH Concierge Medical Detox and Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles, CAFounded by Southern California’s highly acclaimed Dr. Alix Nassiri, a double board certified Addiction Medicine physician and Anesthesiologist, REACH was originally launched in Pasadena, California to provide top-tier care to professionals. Since then, REACH has achieved the reputation as being Los Angeles’ premier full-scope concierge medicine & private addiction treatment leader  From medical detox, including Suboxone® and Subutex® to a broad scope of high-end addiction treatment services including, intensive outpatient, adult & adolescent services, binge eating/compulsive eating treatment; as well as the full range of concierge traditional medical services, as rendered through home health for the patient who needs care at home for varying conditions. Our platform of services are unparalleled and truly raise the bar in not just recovery and rehab, but in all levels of concierge care.

REACH Concierge is about you, tailored to your needs. Whether you are seeking exclusive high-end, private treatment for varying medical and mental health conditions or more so for substance abuse related matters, REACH is the only provider that can tailor care to meet all your needs.

REACH is not just another of Southern California’s drug rehab centers; nor is it a hospital, we are a one-of-a-kind solution that garners improved success by way of private, customized and advanced addiction treatment, and concierge medical services. We don’t believe that cookie-cutter residential or outpatient treatment centers that employ across-the-board approaches, can truly fulfill the needs of the individual.

A patient in the care of REACH is afforded something truly special, and it is largely based on our clinical staff’s dedication toward achieving superior long term results, that bring on wellness and recovery.

We invite you into a life of renewed hope – a life filled with newfound potential and quantifiable successes, and with you and your specific needs at the center of it all…

REACH Wellness & Recovery ~ “A Pioneer in Concierge Health Care”

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What Clients, Professionals & Families Say…

Kim C.

Dr Alix… Where do I begin to thank you? Words seem to fail me at this time. Your vision, your patience, your choice of staff ….collectively all were instrumental in giving me this gift of sobriety. Giving me the gift of Kim back to her husband and back to her family. For this we are so very appreciative and grateful. Please know that you have been given a gift with your vision and many will be blessed like I have. I know God put you in my life for a reason and not just for a season, but for a lifetime.

May God continue to bless your work and your vision.

Kim C.Pasadena, CA
Robert P.

Thank you for being so sensitive to my needs and limitations in adjusting my schedule. One example of how my life is different now: I’m having a picnic on my kitchen floor with my daughter today. Two months ago I would have been too drunk or high to pay any attention to her or to anything of value in my life. This is the life I’ve always wanted but never knew existed!

Thank you Dr. Alix!

Robert P.San Diego, CA
John N.

Dr. Nassiri, I know for certain that I wouldn’t have been sober for the birth of my son without you and the amazing work of REACH. Words are insufficient to express what I’ve gained in life up to this point. Not a day goes by that I don’t stop and acknowledge all who made it possible for me to experience the gifts of life and sobriety. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

John N.Los Angeles, CA
Craig Rastor

Dr. Nassiri and REACH staff: What you do and how you do it is truly amazing! I’ve seen many clients of mine go through one treatment center or drug rehab and repeat the process over and over, without ever experiencing the true gifts that potentially await them. While I don’t know exactly how you guys do it, I’ve seen the results firsthand and would encourage anyone in need of help to immediately contact you. It is truly an honor to have REACH in my arsenal of clinical providers!

Craig RastorLife Coach | Southern California